Is your office chair really comfortable?

Ever wondered what all those levers underneath your chair do?

The way your chair is set up makes a huge difference to your sitting comfort levels.

There are 3 factors that directly influence your sitting posture 

1. Vision 

2. Reach

3. Postural support

Make sure that your work area is designed so that your eyes can comfortably see what they need to see, you can comfortably reach what you need, and your chair gives you an appropriate range of comfortable postures.

By making adjustments to the height of your chair, length of seat pan, backrest angles, armrests and lumbar support you will minimise the risk of neck & back pain.

Redline Interiors offer ergonomic workstation assessment in the workplace, we teach you how to drive your chair and give you exercises to do while you sit at your desk.  Give us a call if you are interested as a few simple steps can make you workstation a much healthier place. 

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