The average employee works approximately 40 hours per week, meaning they spend most of their time at work than in their actual homes. Improving your office space is essential to improving employees morale and productivity – studies show that out of 100 employees, almost half (49%) said an office makeover would increase their productivity. On top of that, employees who like their workroom are 31% more satisfied with their work. Having a clean, neat and organised workroom not only helps improve the productivity and creativity of your staff, but it also helps to present your business to clients as professional and prepared for anything.

1. Consider Your Office Layout

Communication is the cornerstone of a well-functioning office environment so your office layout should maximise ease of communication. Having an open plan space can be very effective and help communication between employees. Take a look at these picture and products for inspiration.



2. A Happy Office Is A Well-Lit Office

Lighting is another key issue you need to take into consideration. By not having a well lit office you’re risking eye strain that can lead to headaches and migraines. Dark offices are not pleasant to work in, so don’t be afraid to switch it up with some brighter lighting, desk lamps and large windows. Here are some ideas to get you started!


a dim lit office compared to a well lit office, look at the difference it can really make!


3. comfort is key

A comfortable working environment can really make a difference to your employees morale. By adding in more comfortable chairs, ergonomic desks, decorating with plants and adding lounges and armchairs for a place to relax. Consider the daily lives of your employees and design for their comfort.


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