Here are our top 5 best picks for this week!

  1. These Plant Boxes are perfect to bring a little, or a lot of green into your workspace. Having plants has been proven to clean out bad toxins in the air and the colour green is a de-stressing agent. So why not try it out!
  2. We all need a good chair to sit on that is comfortable and supports your back to avoid any unwanted headaches and back pain. Save trips to the physiotherapist with this comfy-as-anything task chair.


3. Coffee Tables, who doesn’t need a good easy to clean and stylish coffee table? We recommend either of these two as they’re eye catching and bold!



4. Are you needing to replace your outdated breakout area table? try some of these for size, any shape to fit all areas. 

5. You’re going to need some snazzy chairs to go with those tables, here are some excellent Scandinavian options.




All of the above products can be found here

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