About us

Our philosophy is an enduring commitment to creating spaces which are at once visually stimulating and intelligently designed to support the underlying key functions required within the space.
Collaboration with you from the outset is of utmost importance so that we may understand your vision and establish the priorities and practicalities of the project. We work closely with business owners, architects, and project managers alike to find a suitable solution for your floor plan. The desired outcome is to serve you as trusted advisors in order to redefine your environment.
Creativity, productivity and functionality are powerful strategic tools in a workplace; we can deliver a space where these elements are combined to deliver a lasting competitive advantage.
Our belief is that each project is a process involving ongoing consultation, clear communication and most importantly, delivers a result that reflects the objectives set.

Environmental Policy

Across all the ranges and products we offer, we strive to use only those manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. However, we recognize that it’s not only the materials that matter and as such, the ethic of re-use and recycle are incorporated in our design logic. The utilization of workstation systems that are adaptable and can be disassembled and reassembled. Relocation and re-use of products and systems where possible is an opportunity to respect the environment and minimize our footprint.