Terms & Conditions


• Once an order is placed by the Customer and accepted by Redline Interiors Pty Ltd, if the Customer thereafter wishes to cancel or vary the order, the Customer shall be liable for any costs of manufacture incurred by the Company up to that point in time.
• · Terms of payment are 30% of the total cost of goods upfront and the remainder on delivery of the goods. Where we agree to grant you credit, the terms of payment are strictly fourteen (14) days calculated from the day in which the goods were delivered to you. Any goods purchased on the online store needs to be paid in full in order for the order to be processed.
• Delivery of goods shall be effected by the Company to the Customer:
• – Subject to availability; and without any liability on behalf of Redline Interiors Pty Ltd for any delays.
• · Once the goods have been delivered by Redline Interiors Pty Ltd to the site of the Customer, all risk in and to the goods shall pass to the Customer.
• · All claims for any damage and/or defect in the goods purchased by the Customer must be made to Redline Interiors Pty Ltd in writing within 3 days of delivery of the goods otherwise the goods are deemed to be received in good order and condition.
• · Any amount overdue for payment will bear interest at the rate of 1.5% per month from the date it becomes overdue until paid.
• · Possession of the goods shall pass to the Customer at the time of delivery. Notwithstanding the above, title and ownership of the goods shall only pass to the Customer when the Customer has paid Redline Interiors Pty Ltd all that is owing to Redline Interiors Pty Ltd in respect of the goods. Until such payment is made, the Customer holds the goods as bailee for and on behalf of the Redline Interiors Pty Ltd.
• · If the Customer fails to pay for the goods on time, such event shall entitle Redline Interiors Pty Ltd, its servants or agents to retake possession of the goods and for that purpose the Company shall be entitled to enter upon the Customer’s premises without being liable for trespass. The Customer shall nevertheless be liable for any and all amounts still due to the Company by the Customer less the value of the goods that the Company attributes to the goods at the time of such repossession. The Company’s determination of the value of the goods at that time shall be prima facie evidence of the fair market value of the goods at that time.
• · Until the goods are paid for in full, the Customer shall;
• – keep the goods on behalf of Redline Interiors Pty Ltd fully insured against loss; damage and destruction;
• – keep the goods clearly identifiable; and
• – not grant any charge or mortgage over the goods or otherwise encumber the goods.
• · If the Customer sells the goods for which it has not made payment, it does so as the Company’s agent and the proceeds of sale are held by the Customer on trust for the Company and the Customer will hold them in a separate account pending its accounting to the Company.
• · The Customer must notify any financier or third party in favour of whom it grants a charge over the assets of its business that all of the Company’s goods which have not been paid for by it do not constitute the Customer’s property. Such financier or third party will be deemed to be subject to the Company’s retention of title until the Company’s goods are paid for in full.
• · The Customer shall not be entitled to make any deduction in respect of the prices agreed to by the Company relating to any set-off or counter-claim by the Customer against the Company.