At Redline Interiors we’re all about knowing the latest colour trends! This season we are excited to share with you our favourite Spring colour trends.

Tropical Green!

Green is one of the largest colours this season. Tropical versions of the shade are a favorited so far this year, from palm tree patterns to statement green furniture.

We predict this Shade isn’t going anywhere!

Blush Pink is the latest neutral colour

While social media went a little “millennial pink” crazy in 2016, this year has been all about normalising the warm blush tone and using it as a neutral colour instead of a statement shade. With its highly-saturated look and sunny undertones, it goes perfectly with a range of grays, browns, and creams.


Blue is a very bold colour, but its excellently paired with wooden floors and copper. You don’t always have to paint the walls with these colours, just as easily you can incorporate it in by using large bold furniture.

Mellow Yellow

Yellow seems to look good everywhere, use it in conjunction with a neutral colour, or you can easily neutralise most yellows by using a half strength or quarter strength.


Here are our top 5 best picks for this week!

  1. These Plant Boxes are perfect to bring a little, or a lot of green into your workspace. Having plants has been proven to clean out bad toxins in the air and the colour green is a de-stressing agent. So why not try it out!
  2. We all need a good chair to sit on that is comfortable and supports your back to avoid any unwanted headaches and back pain. Save trips to the physiotherapist with this comfy-as-anything task chair.


3. Coffee Tables, who doesn’t need a good easy to clean and stylish coffee table? We recommend either of these two as they’re eye catching and bold!



4. Are you needing to replace your outdated breakout area table? try some of these for size, any shape to fit all areas. 

5. You’re going to need some snazzy chairs to go with those tables, here are some excellent Scandinavian options.




All of the above products can be found here

The average employee works approximately 40 hours per week, meaning they spend most of their time at work than in their actual homes. Improving your office space is essential to improving employees morale and productivity – studies show that out of 100 employees, almost half (49%) said an office makeover would increase their productivity. On top of that, employees who like their workroom are 31% more satisfied with their work. Having a clean, neat and organised workroom not only helps improve the productivity and creativity of your staff, but it also helps to present your business to clients as professional and prepared for anything.

1. Consider Your Office Layout

Communication is the cornerstone of a well-functioning office environment so your office layout should maximise ease of communication. Having an open plan space can be very effective and help communication between employees. Take a look at these picture and products for inspiration.



2. A Happy Office Is A Well-Lit Office

Lighting is another key issue you need to take into consideration. By not having a well lit office you’re risking eye strain that can lead to headaches and migraines. Dark offices are not pleasant to work in, so don’t be afraid to switch it up with some brighter lighting, desk lamps and large windows. Here are some ideas to get you started!


a dim lit office compared to a well lit office, look at the difference it can really make!


3. comfort is key

A comfortable working environment can really make a difference to your employees morale. By adding in more comfortable chairs, ergonomic desks, decorating with plants and adding lounges and armchairs for a place to relax. Consider the daily lives of your employees and design for their comfort.


If it is time for a change in your office don’t hesitate to contact Ivana at




What’s not to like about this design.  Thinking works have done a great job at combining the timber and metal look that complies with commercial furniture standards.  Yay to you, I can’t wait to get these out there, cool colours and finishes.


Bank Seat - Highly durable

Bank Seat – Highly durable


We are overstocked and have some Bank Seats to sell before the end of the month –

Special Price of  $1,180

Normally retails for $1,500

Designer Florence Broadhurst stain resistant Zircon Linen Hessian Fabric in Envy colour only

Dimensions 1350L X 600D



We are excited to announce our new range of products.  

“These product reinforces Redline’s commitment to designing functional and colour savvy furniture for the workplace and home”

A frame Whiteboard: Green

Magnetic Gloss double sided A-Frame

Vibrant Noticeboards with a Difference


Scandi Noticeboards

Available in lots of groovy colours. Standard sizes or custom made upon request contact Redline Interiors   




Did you know that happier workers are 12% more productive?

Drill Hall 04

Flexible working arrangements maximises your talent pool.  Does your office provide a flexible workstation options and show that you think outside the box??

Redline Interiors specialise in designing open workspaces that embrace flexible work practice, create hubs and boost people performance.

Looking for a trendy out-of-the-box partition for your office …..

Then look no further modular, sound absorbing screen made of fiber felt.  

drill hall yellow


We have used the Airflake to add colour, structure and assist with the acoustics in this open plan workplace. Contact us if you would like to know more about the Airflake.


Check out the latest planter boxes available from Redline Interiors – we had this one custom made to fit the space and our clients love it.

Drill Hall 06

Research has found strategically placed, plants reduce noise in an office and increase productivity by 12%. Employees who work in an environment with plants are les likely to suffer workplace.